Presentation of the poem


Presentation of the poem:
Class 3&5


Presentation of the poem. Class 3rd&4th. Make the children enjoy the themes of the poem. Play the poem following the online audio material. Teachers introduce action words related to a mode of the poem. Children try to add the lines to the poem.

Presentation of the poem:

The Teacher displays the poem on a chart in the classroom. Read out the poem as a text and introduce key words of the poem in children mother tongue. Allow the children to identify the key words of the poem. Discuss the theme of the poem with children. Play the poem using online material as many times as possible. School Teacher tunes the poem with the children or sings the poem with the proper tune. Children also sing the poem actively. Allow the children to sing to poem after her. A teacher takes up action.

Identify different characters of the poem. Identify suitable children and assign them to characters. The teacher sets action to different stanzas of the poem.

Allow the children to practice the action and guides them in a right way. Allow them to perform the action.

The teacher checks the comprehension of the children by using the following some questions. And also give them picture based instructions.

What do you think the poet like very much?

What items do you like very much? Why?

A teacher allows the children to sit in groups and assign the tasks. Class teacher should facilitate them to complete the task.

Require material:

Content of the text book,

TLM required for the demo,

Text books of the class,

Work sheets.

Model poem:

My little sweety
White little sweety
Jumping here and there
Jumping here and jumping there.

Sing the above lines. And the teacher let the children sing with you. Let them sit in a group and add lines to the song. Give them hints asking a few questions. Let groups sing the song with their lines.




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