Presentation of the Rhyme


Presentation of the Rhyme:


Presentation of the Rhyme. The teacher introduces the action words related to school and mime them. Recite the rhyme coordinating action with their friends. School teacher makes the children to say the rhyme with right stress and rhyme. The teacher to add action to the rhyme. The teacher adds the line to the rhyme.

The process of the rhyme includes the importance of the teacher mime action. Motivate the children few informal questions based on the rhyme to motive the children. The teacher familiarizes the children with the characters, actions and theme of the rhyme.

Class teacher displays the rhyme on a chart. Identify and introduce the keywords of the rhyme in their mother tongue. Read the thyme as a text and allows the children to read the rhyme as a text. Play the rhyme using online material. The teacher tunes the rhyme with the children and says the rhyme with the proper tune. Ask the children to recite the thyme after him. Add action to the rhyme with the children. A teacher recites the rhyme with action. Allow the children to recite the rhyme with action. The teacher explores the possibility of extending rhyme by adding lines by children. The teacher checks the comprehension of the children by asking certain questions.

A teacher divides the children to groups and gives the following tasks.


Processing of a rhyme:

Sing the rhyme with rhythm two or three times. Let the learners join you. Ask them to identify each line after listening to each of them. Write the newly lines on a chart. Ask children to add more lines. The teacher can give them hints.

Make use of the same structure of the lines of the rhyme. Write the newly lines on the chart. Let children try adding lines individually. Put then in groups. Sit with groups and add more lines. Let each member in each group say at least one line.




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