Use of the big pictures


Use of the big pictures. How to use a big picture.

Big Picture

In the classroom, teachers use some big pictures to easily motivate their students and attractive the lesson.
Children like big pictures.

The teacher should know how to use the big picture.

Each unit begins with a big picture spread across two pages. It acts as a trigger in a better way.

Ask the students to observe the picture individually and explore the different objects, items and situations in the picture for about 5-10 minutes.

Then make them sit in pairs of groups and ask them to share their ideas about the picture in the language they like. They can be asked to discuss it based on the task given by the teacher.

Give the list of items on the blackboard or chart. Read them two or three times. Then ask them to locate them in the picture.

Give them some litters like a, c, f etc. Then ask them to find the things beginning with these letters.

E.g: a for apple, c for cat, f for fan etc.

The teacher may ask a few questions in the picture before during and after the observation, for example place big market.



What the iteams sold on the picture?

What shops do you see in the picture?

How many people are standing in the first cart?

How many men are there in the clothes center?

Where are the word apples in the picture?

Which item do you like the most?

Which things do you like the most?

The word market is in two places in the picture. Where are they?

Inferential questions like

Which fruits do you see in the picture?

Who brings vegetables in your house?

Have you ever seen such shops in your locality? Where are they?

How far are they from your locality?

The learners may be allowed to respond in the language they like.

Mother Tongue:

Teacher should give the English equivalents to the words the learners said in their mother tongue.



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