Modules Qustions&Answers 10/10 Marks

CLEP ENGLISH PORTFOLIO Modules Qustions&Answers 10/10 Marks


1. Pre-Reading activity

Children, look at the picture

1. What do you see in the picture?

2. Where are they going?

3. How many girls are there?

4. Are they all going to the school?

5. Why could not the girl in the pucture go to school?

6. What is the girl doing?

7. Why do they go to school?

8. Look at the picture. What is the girl talking about?

9. Is there any animal in the picture?

10. What is that?


2. While-Reading activity

Open your text book

Look at the page.

Listen to me. I will read the paragraph.

Read the text aloud, slowly with proper voice.

Mallika Goes to School!

Today is a very special day for Mallika. She was so excited that she couldn’t sleep after dawn. Mallika eagerly looked out of the window. The newly paved road seemed to be welcoming her. This is the day Mallika has been waiting for! Do you know, why? It’s neither a festival, nor her birthday. Today is going to be Malika’s first day at school. The school is not far away from her home. But she has to come down the main road from the hill to reach there.


1. What is the name of the girl?

2. Where is Mallika living?

3. Where is she looking?

4. Why Mallika waiting for that day?

5. Why is Mallika eager?

6. What is the meaning of ‘dawn’?

7. Today is very special day for Mallika, why?


3. Post-Reading activity

Group work

Put children in small groups.

Children sit in a small group and write about the picture as you like.
Share your ideas.

Add more ideas and write them.
Finally, write the description in the chart.

Let the groups present their work one by one.


4. Vocabulary

Choosing the meaning of the underlined word in giving context.

1. She eagerly looked out of the window.
a) Rarely b) lazily c) heartily

2. Mallika was happy because
a) Birthday b) festival c) school


5. Grammar

Fill the blank with correct verb forms:

1. I _______ (read) a lot.
2. He ________ (read) a lot.
3. She ________ (like) Cool drink Her friends _______ (like) cakes.


6. Writing Activity

Observe the picture carefully and complete the description







Qustions&Answers 10/10

1. Each lesson starts with

warmup time/pre-reading

2. Special attractions of BLOSSOMS series of class 1 to 5.

Above all

3. Which theme is belongs to BLOSSOMS 3,4,5.

Human relations

4. The BLOSSOMS series of 1 to 5 contains.

8 units 6 component

5. Example of fun based activities.

Above all

6. Different steps of reading come across in pre setation are.

Above all

7. Loud reading by both the teacher and students is called.

Eco reading

8. The_______ enables students to see the performance of each other and have an understanding of how others are performing vis oneself.

Peer assessment

9. The activities in the work bool are.

All of the above

10. The new approaches introduced in BLOSSOMS 1&2.

a and b.







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