EVS Period Plan

1. Name of the unit: Eat Together

2. Topic: Mid-day meal

3. Class: 4th

4. Learning outcomes:

Children know the importance of the mid-day meal.

The child knows the food values.

5. TLM: Menu Chart

6. Introduction:


Good morning, everybody

Good morning sir

I am your EVS teacher

I will teach you EVS

Okay, sir.

Warm up activity & Mind map

Children look at the picture
What are they doing?

They are ready to take meals.

Some children are serving food.

Do you like serving?

Yes, we like it.

Do you know where they are?

There are at school.

Who provides them with a meal?

The government of AP

Announcement of the topic

Do you know? The name of the scheme?

Yes, sir, that is a mid-day meal scheme

Yes, it’s called the mid-day meal scheme.

OK, let’s learn this topic.

7. Presentation

All of you open your text book. Look at the page no. 4 and read the paragraph about the mid-day meal.

Conceptual understanding:
Children, do you know why the government introduced the scheme in our schools

No sir,

okay, I will tell you

Have you had your breakfast?

Yes, sir.

No sir, I haven’t.

Sir, Raju, came without breakfast

Who, did not eat breakfast, please put up your hands?

Raju, why didn’t you eat?

It might be late to school

Ravi, why didn’t you eat?

I don’t like it

Rani, why didn’t you eat breakfast today?

My mother didn’t make.

Due to many reasons, most children come to school without eating and stay at 4″O”clock in the evening. It’s impact on their study. They don’t show interest in their studies.

So, our government introduced the scheme and decided to provide healthy food to all the children.

Next, we will discuss the importance of food items.

What is the menu today?

Rice, Egg curry, Chikki.

How much rice do you eat?

I eat all of the rice


And you, I didn’t eat all of the rice.

Every day I throw it in the dust bin.

Don’t do this. Rice gives us energy.

Do you eat an egg every day?

No sir, I never eat eggs because I am a vegetarian.

Don’t say so, eggs are necessary to build our body and make us grow.

Okay, sir, from today onwards I will eat eggs.


Do you eat all vegetables in curry and curry leaves in sambar?

No sir, we did not eat them, we left such items.

All of you know? Curry and curry leaves protect us from diseases and keep us healthy.

OK, sir, from today onwards we will eat all of the food items.

And also share the food you bring from home with your friends.

Okay, sir.

This is the importance of the food menu.

Did you understand?

Yes, Sir,

8. Practicing skills

List out the food items served during mid-day meals at your school for the last few days.

9. Sum up

Teacher explain the content briefly to sum up the lesson.

Children! What food item do you like most?

Tell me different kinds of food items.

If you have any doubts, please ask me.

10. Assessment

List out the food items served at the marriage function.

11. Teacher’s reflections

How many students understood today’s class?

For whom my help was needed?





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