We Love Reading Book Bank in Schools Model Portfolio

We Love Reading Book Bank in Schools Model Portfolio

Book Bank

Our school has a book bank facility. Textbooks are provided to poor and gifted students in our school through the Book Bank.

There are over 500 books in the school. These include textbooks, reference books, journals, newspapers, magazines, syllabi and story books. All of these were collected from alumni, current students, teachers and those who donated in the village.

Books are provided to students from the book bank according to the following rules:

1. The book bank is for the benefit of the students of this school.

2. Books will be given to the student free of cost.

3. The application form must be completed to become a member of the Book Bank.

4. No membership fee is required. All students must be members.

5. Each student will be given an identity card.

6. Poor students get first priority in issuing books from the book bank.

7. Depending on availability, the student will be given 2 to 10 books.

8. The student can also buy the books of his choice at the bank.

9. Children are very interested in reading these books.

10. Students are interested in reading good moral books and science books.

11. Books should be returned to the Book bank within a week of issue.

12. The desired book of the student can be given if it is available in the Book bank.

13. At the time of return of the books, if the books are found to be torn, mutilated or damaged in any way, the students will be given appropriate instructions to prevent this from happening again.

14. Book management becomes the responsibility of the students.

15. In case a book is lost or torn, the student is not required to deposit the amount to be given the same edition or another book of the latest edition.

16. No fine will be imposed.

17. Students should carefully consider the number of pages of a given book. If any page does not appear, the student should bring it to the attention of the person concerned the next day.

18. Student responsibility for book safety. Any problems should be brought to the attention of the concerned person before receiving.

19. When any dispute arises, the final decision rests with the principal

20. Students must return all books issued to them at least 10 days before the end of school.

In this way Book bank in our school is very useful for we love reading program.




Model Questions 10


1. Class Room Library is also named as

Reading Corner

2. Arrange the following We Love Reading stages in sequential


Advanced Stage
Foundational Stage
Valedictory Stage
Preparatory Stage

3. Main Objective of We Love Reading is

All Options

4. As per this GO, We Love Reading is meant for promoting Foundational reading skills among students

G.O.MS. No. 220

5. Age appropriate reading books for classes I to V will be x Close known as

Bul Bul series

6. Read along is a

Web based APP

7.Which of the following is post reading activity?

All Options

8. SLC means

Students’ Library Council

9. As per the base line test level -2, student is able to read

Letters and words only

10. Language Festival shall be conducted at

All levels




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